Save Energy and Money.
Conserve the Environment.
Live a Healthier Life.

Make a change for the better — living a healthy life and protecting the environment starts at home.

Living green is only common sense—save money, be comfortable, live healthier and protect the environment—what’s not to like about that? It is not a lifestyle sacrifice but rather a different way of thinking. It’s about rising to a higher quality of living for you and your family.

Simple and affordable steps can upgreen your home and lifestyle. From the food you eat to the way you drive. Read the post: “Top 10 Ways to Make a GREEN Difference” to get you started. We can all do it! We should all consider this our responsibility–to take care of our earth and sustain it for our future.

Did you know that: A simple and healthy-looking salad lettuce have been sprayed an average of 12 times with up to 50 different pesticides, fungicides and herbicides before it reached your plate?

Buy organic! Organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or added hormones. Organic farmers improve their soils providing healthier plants, fruits and vegetables. Always look for the USDA certification seal on the packages to ensure it is organic.

Did you know that: Bottled water could be more contaminated than tap water?

Filter your water! Those flexible plastic bottles, not only do they clog landfills, but they are also a source of phthalates, a very harmful chemical. Plastic that touches water or food could be very harmful, especially at warmer temperatures. Note of caution: Do not heat anything with plastic in the microwave.

And the list goes on with clothing, creams, cosmetics, etc. There’s a lot to learn and much room to improve.  Together we can achieve a healthier way of life and sustainable living.

Join the green revolution… UpGreen!