If you want to reside on healthier surroundings, breath cleaner air, save money and help the environment, then… YES, green building IS for you!

What is Green Building?

“Green Building’ or ‘Sustainable’ design and construction means creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes and buildings in a manner that allows us to use our resources more efficiently. The goal is to leave a lighter footprint on the environment through the conservation of our natural resources, while balancing energy-efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance products on the construction.

There are many elements that make up or qualify a home or building to be certified ‘green’ or ‘sustainable.’ Not only it includes the systems that circulate the air, what’s behind the walls, the attic, windows, counters, appliances, lighting, sealing the house and so on, but it also includes using renewable and recyclable materials, adding durability, creating less waste during construction, and so many other things.

A green building may cost more up front, but saves through lower operating costs over the life of the building.

Wikipedia provides an easy to understand summary of Green Building. To read it click here or feel free to email us your questions.