Home Clearings

Everything in the universe consists of energy. Our spiritual energy imprints the spaces we occupy, whether positive or negative. Our emotions and feelings can dwell in a home and can be experienced by others. Negative harmful energy must be cleared or the home can feel dense, stagnant and uninviting. Harmony and positive flow is of utmost importance in a home that is on the market for sale. Buyers are influenced by the feel of a home—make sure is a positive and happy one, where they can picture themselves in.  

We provide services to clear the energy and sell your home:

  • Clear influences of past events
  • Raise the vibration of the home
  • Home staging to improve the energy flow
  • Intuitive home marketing strategies


Anne McDonough

407- 448-0244

Anne is an Energy Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach and International Medium. Anne specializes in healing with love, and uses intuitive life coaching skills to help clients move forward in their lives choosing forgiveness. Having gone through a lot of trauma in her life, she understood the importance of how you have to heal so that you can come out the other side and live a healthy and happy life. Anne is very gifted and successful at clearing the energy in homes.

Irma G. Yapor


Irma is the Broker-Owner of Real Property International in Windermere, FL. With her 40 years in the Greater Orlando area and extensive experience in advertising, marketing and real estate, you have a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional on your side.

Irma uses her best practices to serve her sellers and buyers, including energy healing and intuitive skills.