How to Save on Realtor® Commission Fees

Your house is a place of memories. It’s where you made a life with your family and friends. It’s where you laughed, cried, and everything in between. You can’t put a price on those recollections, but when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll need to.

You don’t want to give your home away, but you also don’t want to overpay for the services of a Realtor®. You need to hit that perfect sweet spot—the one that will get you top dollar for your home, without breaking the bank.

So, how can you do that? The answer is simple: by finding a low commission Realtor.

save on realtor commission fees

At first glance, it may seem like all Realtors are the same. They all have degrees and licenses, so how could there be that much difference in their services?

Well, experience plays a significant role. Some Realtors have been in the business for decades with hundreds of deals under their belt. Others are just starting out and are still trying to find their footing.

The most experienced Realtors will have a network of buyers and sellers that they’ve worked with in the past. This network can be a valuable resource when it comes to getting your home sold quickly and for the right price. That’s how the same Realtors are able to work for a low commission or even a flat fee, like a 1 percent listing.

There’s a lot to consider when selling your home, but finding the right deal on a Realtor’s commission shouldn’t be one of them. This article will show you how to find a low commission Realtor so that you can save on fees and get the most out of your home sale.


Realtor Commissions

First, let’s look at what you should expect to pay in Realtor commissions.

The standard commission for a real estate transaction is 0.9%-3.6%, which is split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. However, some realtors will charge a flat fee instead of a percentage of the sale price. This is becoming more common as buyers and sellers are looking for ways to save on realtor fees.

A flat fee can range from $500 – $5000, depending on the services provided and the value of your home. For example, if you’re selling a $250,000 home, a realtor charging a standard commission of 0.75% would earn $1875. However, if that same realtor was charging a flat fee of $2000, they would still earn the same amount.

The advantage of a flat fee is that you know exactly how much you’re going to pay upfront, with no surprises later on. But, the downside is that you may not get the same level of service as you would with a traditional Realtor commission.

For example, if your home is on the market for a longer period of time or doesn’t sell at all, you’re still on the hook for that flat fee. With a traditional commission, the Realtor only gets paid if and when your home is sold.

Now that you know how Realtor commissions work, let’s look at how you can save on those fees.

4 Ways to Save on Realtor Commission Fees


#1 Negotiate the Commission

The first step to any negotiation is to ask.

When you’re interviewing potential Realtors, don’t be afraid to ask about their commission structure and what discounts they’re willing to offer. You may be surprised at how flexible some Realtors are, especially if they’re confident in their abilities to sell your home quickly.

It’s also worth considering what services you’re willing to pay for. For example, if you’re comfortable with handling the marketing and showings yourself, you may be able to negotiate a lower commission.

The important thing is to be upfront about your budget and what you’re willing to pay for in terms of services. Once you’ve found a Realtor that you’re comfortable with, it’s time to start working on getting your home sold and save on Realtor commission fees.

#2 Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Make it Easy for the Realtor

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to sell your home quickly is to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Start by taking a look at your home from the street and trying to see it through their eyes. Does it look inviting? Is the landscaping well-maintained? Are there any small repairs that you can make, like painting the front door or fixing a broken step?

It’s also a good idea to declutter your home and remove any personal items that might distract buyers from seeing its potential. This includes things like family photos, collections, and even excess furniture.

The goal is to make your home look clean, spacious, and inviting. This will not only help it sell faster, but it could also lead to a higher sales price.

First impressions are important, so take the time to ensure that your home looks its best before putting it on the market.

  • Tip: Hiring a professional stager is always an option, but if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of DIY staging tips that you can use to make your home more appealing to buyers.


#3 Propose to Sell and Buy with the Same Agent

If you’re also in the market for a new home, you may benefit from working with the same Realtor.

Most agents are happy to represent both buyers and sellers in a transaction, and some will even offer a discount if you use them for both. The only thing a Realtor loves more than a sale is a double sale!

When you suggest to your Realtor that you’d like to sell and buy with them, they’ll be able to put together a plan that meets your needs. For example, they may be able to help you find a home before your current home is even on the market, or they may be able to negotiate a contingency clause into your contract.

If you’re selling and buying simultaneously, working with the same Realtor can be a huge benefit. Not only can you save time and money in the long run, but you can also rest assured knowing that your Realtor has your best interests at heart.

#4 Find Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Last but certainly not least, you can’t discuss saving on agent fees without mentioning low commission Realtors.

As the name suggests, low commission real estate agents are those who charge a lower commission than the traditional percent. There are several different ways that they can do this, so it’s important to ask about their fee structure before signing a contract.

In some cases, low commission agents may only charge a flat fee, while others may offer a lower percentage for certain services. For example, at Real Property International, they offer a low commission structure of just 1 percent with our 1 percent listing offer,, which will save on Realtor commission fees.

Why so low, you ask? Well, let’s hear from the source.

“I like to be generous and do not hesitate to offer a low 1 percent listing fee, as well as to provide a rebate or kickback for the purchases of their new homes.” says Irma Yapor, Broker-Owner of the Windermere/Orlando-based brokerage Real Property International. “For me, it is more important to me to make my customers happy and provide a service they are satisfied with.”

Irma’s low commission offer is a fantastic deal, with a lot of savings for the client. Not only does she offer a low listing fee, but she also provides a rebate or kickback for the purchase of their new home. This allows clients to save even more money when they work with her.

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