A Blooper Room is a term used by real estate professionals, given to spaces which may be misfits, eye sores or problematic, affecting the sale or energy of a home. These could be an empty niche without purpose that may present itself as wasted space or a room that may be too small for a bedroom, a cluttered utility room or an outdated kitchen. Many of these “blooper rooms” can deter a buyer from placing an offer, or simply serve as a negative space to an otherwise perfect home. Enjoy the Blog and get inspired! 🙂

Repurpose a Blooper Room

Repurpose a Blooper Room

Repurpose this Blooper Room. Too much furniture in a cramped space is not serving its purpose. A...

Give meaning to a problematic room in the home

Simple staging techniques can add purpose to any niche or unusable room in any home, which may just become your favorite place. This can also allow a potential buyer visualize themselves enjoying the space and living in the home. Simple measures can be taken to transform a room, such as a new coat of paint, special lighting or a couple of pieces of furniture, and create a reading space, art studio or a practical mudroom. 

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Home Clearings

Clear the home energy and increase the vibration to live in a more harmonious space or expedite the home’s sale. Negative harmful energy must be cleared or the home can feel dense, stagnant and uninviting. Harmony and positive flow is of utmost importance in a home that is on the market for sale. Buyers are influenced by the feel of a home—make sure is a positive and happy one, where they can picture themselves in. Learn more >>


Free Home Staging

We provide staging services to prepare your home for photography and for its sale. We utilize your furniture or assist you in acquiring recommended pieces to make the best presentation. We help you neutralize the home to appeal to any potential buyer. This service is FREE when we list your home. Contact Irma Yapor at 321-405-2799 for a private consultation.